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you see this little boy right here? his name is danny nickerson, and he’s turning 6 on july 25. he has an inoperable brain tumor and was diagnosed with cancer, and only 10% of kids with this type of cancer live past 18 months. you know what he wants for his birthday?
a bunch of cards.
that’s right folks, just write him a little card and send it in the mail, and you’re gonna make this kid’s day. he can recognize his name, and he loves super mario and lego.
so far he’s gotten about 40 letters, but with you, you can make it way more. you can mail your card to…

Danny NickersonP.O. Box 212Foxboro, MA. 02035

here’s an article about him

AW, that is so sweet. Everybody reblog, and send a card!


My wolf child and my self

This is beautiful.

Unpopular opinion but OITNB isn’t even a good show.


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