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I feel educated

Where was this when I was in calculus

why am i only seeing this now like

Saving and reblogging for college maths.

Hey, appreciate the whole "getting down on mumblrs" thing, being that I am one myself. Sadly, I feel the need to inform you that your efforts are wasted. I feel that MAYBE you should be spending more time on your school work rather than bashing mothers that do their best caring for their children. Being a parent is not easy. It is the farthest thing from easy and you should could probably learn a thing or two from us. Like, here's a wacky idea, being compassionate.


No need to send this twice I can read.

I am a mother myself, therefore I am old enough to be out of school.


Once, I sent it once. If you got it twice it was a tumblr glitch because I wouldn’t waste me time sending it twice. I would also love to point out that “studying” does not just apply to middle school and high school, in which most “hate blogs” are run by. Petty adults like you could be in college, but I’m not terribly shocked you aren’t. No big deal, really. I’m sure you have a bright future. 

Everyone is probably like “oh pretty” and my first thought is “imagine cleaning that”



Flower crowns are so pretty

I really like this pic though

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A ladybug kissed Momo on the nose. 🐞😘


25th of August

by matialonosr